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Does Gofar provide EXW for corduroy house slippers ?
Jiangxi Gofar Industrial & Development Co., Ltd. provides EXW for corduroy house slippers for any customer who asks for. Based on the market rules, the EXW Incoterms may be the most suitable choice for exporters with little experience in logistics and international maritime shipping. This is because a seller's responsibilities end with preparing the goods and making sure they are ready for being picked up. In other words, EXW requires a minimal obligation for the seller and more responsibilities for the buyer. So, it is recommended for experienced buyers who are familiar with the import and export regulations of the origin country and can complete full import procedures. Please think twice when choosing it.

Gofar is a flat sandals manufacturers who make the best high-end range. Gofar provides a wide range of wholesale shoes for customers. The product can restart quickly and normally after power outrage. It is not inclined to burn out or malfunction if there is a sudden blackout. It can retain its shape after times of wearing. This product is well-adjusted to personal measurements while providing enough ease and comfort. It doesn't bring extreme tightness or looseness which will bring down people's confidence. Thanks to its breathability, this product will not easily accumulate odors.

Superior and stable quality is what Gofar wants to bring for you. Get more info!
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