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Sneakers Over 200 Years Old And Going Strong.

by:Gofar     2020-07-04
You probably did not know it but sneakers are over 200 year-old. The first sneakers, canvas shoes with rubber soles, where made in the late Georgian times, that may be the late 18th century. These footwear where very crude yet if you would see one now you would definitely say that they where sneakers. Until 1917 nothing really happened with the sneakers. Then the US rubber company came lets start work on a new type of sneaker more comfortable then before. The called those Keds. These where the earliest sneakers that went into mass production. The same year the Marquis converse company produced the first sneaker just for basketball, they called them Converse All-Stars. At 1920 a German called Adi Dassler create the next innovation he resulted in a sneaker called Adidas. This sneaker was mostly used for track and profession. Track star Jessie Owens won four gold medals in the Olympics on adidas shoe. A nice twist is how the brother of Adi Dassler (Rudi) started another famous sport shoe company called Puma. Until the 1950 the sneaker was predominantly a shoe that was utilized for sports, like track and field, tennis, basketball, etc but in the 1950's the younger generation started wearing the sneaker as a fashion statement. The trend setter for that generation was James Dean who wore sneakers in the movie Rebel without a contributing factor. This is also time where you get the more outrageous designs printed on the canvas. In the 1980's the company Nike came with a sneaker called Air jordans. These sneakers where named after Micheal Jordan a famous Basketball player that had signed a contract with nike to where there sneakers when he was playing. This sneaker is still essentially the most effective selling sneaker ever. The companies making sneakers did start to compete for extremely best athletes to endorse there sneakers. The athletes where paid so much this had an effect the price of the sneaker themselves. Firm that weren't wanting to pay the high costs for these athletes started looking many arena's to sell the sneakers. They found the new up and coming sports like, skateboarding, cross training, fitness, etc. In the last 10 years some the sneaker makers have embraced new technologies. These new technologies consist of more spring in the heel trough air or real rises. But they also created sneakers that fit better and support your foot better. This came about as a the input of those highly paid joggers. If they had to wear these sneakers they wanted also to get good performance via them. The draw back of all these new technologies may be the price a good sport's sneaker now can cost over 150 dollars. Luckily for folks who like that old styles they remain there, even the starter of today's sneaker Keds still makes sneakers. Offer the old style but with modern designs and materials. People just enjoy wearing them new or old style. This was brought a person by Artattack2go this site sells Keds sneakers check out all one's products on artattack2go your.
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