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What are main products for Gofar to export?
Jiangxi Gofar Industrial & Development Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer qualified for export business, has gained a lot of certifications for the legal export of our main products. To expand our business further at home and abroad, we have been running our business in compliance with some regulations and laws. The reasons for requiring export licensing involve national security, nonproliferation, foreign policy, short supply, crime control, and anti-terrorism. Depending on the product's special characteristics, destinations, applications, and end-users, we have additionally applied for some proof and authorized certifications to make them safely and efficiently arrive at their destinations.

Gofar takes pride in recommending the moccasins to customers. Gofar provides a wide range of winter boots for customers. This product features a low noise level. It will not generate humming or bumming that is disruptive during the operation. This product is machine washable and easy to care for. People will find it very soft and comfortable to wear with its excellent softness and smoothness. It is very friendly to people's skin. This product is available in various colors.

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