Professional exporter and manufacturer of cow suede/leather/fabric slippers and canvas shoes


Why choose canvas sneakers shoes produced by Gofar?
This is largely to the fact that Jiangxi Gofar Industrial & Development Co., Ltd. is amazing and that our canvas sneakers is of high cost-performance ratio. Gofar shall be your trustworthy one because we possess our own unique quality and service offerings. Have a thorough understanding of our history, previous work and vision for how to meet client's objectives and goals, you will choose us too.

Gofar rounds up the best canvas sneakers brand for high performance and high style. Gofar provides a wide range of footwear shoes for customers. Continuously improved management system makes sure the production process of we ladies mule slippers runs smoothly and efficiently. Thanks to its breathability, this product will not easily accumulate odors. Thanks to its good absorbency, this product is very appropriate for people who have acquired skin problems because of sweat. The long-lasting nub bottoms provide amazing traction.

our company pays high attention to quality and service for better development. Get an offer!
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