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Winter Boots By Baffin

by:Gofar     2020-06-19
Baffin is focused on becoming the undisputed global leader in performance footwear, providing quality, comfort, aesthetics and value through the technical innovation, with a concentrate on creating the ultimate boot for extreme conditions. Polar explorers have come to appreciate the unique qualities of Baffin boots. Doug Stoup, a celebrated polar adventurer, used Baffin boots take a trip over 1,000 kilometers on the Antarctic. In 2006 in the three separate international expeditions chose Baffin boots to go to the North Pole, including, of course, Baffin's own polar trekking team. When polar explorers trek to the North and therefore South Pole they subject their footwear to probably the most demanding conditions imaginable. Every day they exert themselves to the level of exhaustion, pulling their equipment over the rough and unrelenting terrain. Begin to as much as one pound of bodyweight even every day in perspiration and burned calories. At night they sleep in small tents where the temperature can drop as low as -60 C, freezing their boots. Cold feet and blisters, that might not be given a second thought in other situations, could be fatal in this environment. While traditional molded boots are suitable for some conditions they are not ideal for extreme cold conditions. In the early 90s Baffin realized that if they combined their leading molding technology with a foam-based inner boot system, they could create your own hybrid style of high performance footwear. Since then Baffin has developed new materials and combined them in new innovative combinations. A preview is the unrivalled 8-layer combination of materials which can be used in the boots that are rated for -100 C Over the years Baffin has created a regarding industry-leading footwear that performs in extreme conditions the ever-growing list of loyal users and activities, including snowmobiling, ice-fishing, hunting, mushing and working in industries like construction, oil, mining, forestry, and outdoor winter recreation. Because of this, Baffin has become the leader in footwear for all of cold weather needs. Check out baffin for more information!
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